[Edit] MySQL database in bluehost with PHP script

I bought a hosting from Bluehost
i created a database with @taifun’s script. everything is well adjusted but when i run a query it shows an error saying
bad request the very same that is shows up when we search the url .

Expected Reason

in 000web hosting we can create a site(A simpple model as u have seen who have used 000webhost) without wordpress and can easily add Script in Public_html file and can run queries easily

But in bluehost site is created along with wordpress installation and in file manager it contains a lot of files including wordpress files and when i added my mysql.php file and run a query i got error bad request

If anyone of you have a knowledge of wordpress/bluehost/databases then please help me out

Note there is no problem in my blocks as they work perfectly with 000wrbhost


Anyone of you who has a experience with paid hostings or using a paid hosting right now…??

Maybe something is wrong with configuration.

Open file manager navigate to public_html make new folder and upload their

what is mean by credentials?

I mean username , key ,etc.

there are already alot of wordpress folders i tried and added my mysql.php file there but still got bad request on query run

may i have to delete all other files relating to wordpress?

i checked everything again and again but everything is well and sound

Probably yes.
Give it a try.

ok let me try and i think only public_html and .haccc files are required?

not worked i get deleted my website and it started showing error 500 as no website was there

500 means server error or misconfiguration mainly causing .htaccess file delete this file
or you can create subdomain and add php file