Edit or Modify the AAB file

Your path should like this C:\User\username\desktop\folder\yourApkName.apk

It is that only, I edited my file name to your only so that you can’t question me that why I am not following your tutorial

i tried again, tested apk too, its fully installing on phone.

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Method solved by
Author SimpleDimple

Edit or Modify the AAB file - change API 29 to 30 android 11
How to add asset and sign aab file

it was shared with the community by its author.
Beyond seeing the tutorial or not, the tool you use belongs

APK_TO_AAB download

this is also same. now tell me solution.

You checked my tutorial

I’m using the fastest method.

Python and Java are ok. Python in the same version you use. They are in the ​​system variables, my OS is W10.

On my phone, I can open the manifest and change it to 30 with no problem.

But there is always an error.

On the computer, I put the modified .apk file, in the same folder as the files downloaded from GitHub, run the process and give the error: -time_consuming: 0.6409380435943604 Build_aab status: -1 msg: [BT: 1.6.1] Error: The file ‘temp_20210901174513 \ modules \ base.zip’ was not found.

All lines are below. I’m grateful if you can help me. Taking advantage of the post, this python script takes the .apk and makes the .aab file? Or do I have to have the .aab file with some kind of modification? It wasn’t clear to me that.

Thank you for your attention.

I have the same problem, I quickly copied the temporary folder. And I saw that it doesn’t have the base.zip.

Then, right after, the error occurs.

On my phone, I can open the manifest and change it to 30 with no problem.
R.- Use APK Editor Studio
To edit the apk

[BT: 1.6.1] Error: The file ‘temp_20210901174513\modules\base.zip’ was not found.

Check the bar symbols that do not contain spaces you are typing the path of
temp_20210901174513\modules\base.zip “Right”
temp_20210901174513 \ modules \ base.zip “incorrect”

wrong Try this path

C:\Users\Belsoft\APK_TO_AAB>python run.py -i C:\Users\Belsoft\APK_TO_AAB\LogInTutorial.apk
–o C:\Users\Belsoft\APK_TO_AAB\o\LogInTutorial.aab

Remember when writing a path in the CMD terminal you have to respect the blank spaces,
commas and writing symbols

show me the command you executed

use git clone method because jar files are getting blocked by system this can be a reason that bundle tool jar can’t execute that time

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image Getting error while changed the API level 29 to 30

This error is not occur by changing api 29 to 30

Additem is an list in your app

is java 1.8.0_271 ok ? or should i install 301 ?

it should be ok i guess

ok Thanks !

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Python was not found; run without arguments to install from the Microsoft Store, or disable this shortcut from Settings > Manage App Execution Aliases.

shows this error

Download and install


i have python 3.9.7 installed and java 8 installed

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