Edit the manifest file in the creator

Just a suggestion.

If possible, please add the section in the creator where we can add or edit the Manifest file for our app.

Editing manifest file will enable all the Koders to:

i) Add permission without blocks.
ii) Add mime type in the manifest file.
iii) Edit package name and application ID.
iv) Adding intent filters.
v) Edit file conventions.
… and many more.

  • Yes, I want.
  • Sky is the limit

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Hi @golumaths100
There is no need to add Poll in your post.
Topics posted in #feedback:iwant category have an option to vote already.

Will not be added since it is not possible.
It’s not just a edit of the manifest file. There happen many more things in the android background.

Ohh… I see​:sweat_smile:

I thought everyone will want. So no second option​:grimacing:

Ohh… okay…
Thanks for your concern and letting us know about it… :relieved:

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To edit the Manifest you have to decompile your APK.

See e.g. here:

You can change a lot in the Manifest, but for example:
If you change your packageName in the Manifest, the app will no longer work. For this, the entire APK structure (paths etc.) must be changed.

See e.g. here: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Package name | Pura Vida Apps


Thank you. I have read this guide but we have limitations while using this.
For example, if I want to edit the mime type, we can not do that after decompiling the APK.
Other than this method is also good. :slight_smile:

What is mime type?

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