Editable listview, possible? Alternative?

Yes, I should filter them by “warehouse/type” so the maximum number of filtered goods is 300/400.

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I’m trying to understand and help. Is this routine a stock check? If so, why can’t you do it item by item, as it is usually done?

Yes it’s a stock check. Do you mean “load an item from the database, then confirm/modify the quantity, then load another item…”?

Yes. Put a barcode or Qrcode reader to search the product code in the database. Bring the product data, count the stock and change the stock value. And go to the next product in your stock.

I think that working on a list is faster but if the standard is one by one maybe I’m wrong. Anyway thanks for your suggestions, i’ll better evaluate how to go on before start to coding.

For own experience:
1-install the app on the worker’s smartphone who will check the stock.
2- place a barcode reader or Qrcode - scan the product and search the database.
3- Change the stock checked in your database.
4- Generate a log to record conference data: product, who did it, date and time of the conference.
5- Go to the next product and go back to item 2.

Thanks, you’re very clear. I decided to use a list also because till now the check was made on a table printed on paper. But if I check the stock one by one is simpler for me because I can use with little variations the form for adding goods.

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I don’t understand. Will you count the inventory with a printed list? And then will you make the app for the conference one by one?

I made an app for Teachers to launch notes one by one of the students.
The teacher corrects school tests how? One by one. After correcting one, launches the notes in the app and the student looks in the student’s app.

2- Year
3- Class
4- Semestre
5- Disciplina
1- Student
And notes…

Oh yes, now I understand. You explained why you chose the list in the app to do the conference. Ok, I got it…