Editable listview, possible? Alternative?

I’m trying to make an app where I can modify a listview, is it possibile?
I want to get something like this:

item1 quantity1 newquantity1(text box) button_to_save
item2 quantity2 newquantity2(text box) button_to_save
… …

I’ve got more than 1000 items (stored in an SQLITE db) so it should be a fast way to do it.
I tried listview, it’s fast but I don’t know how to modifiy the items.
I tried, also, the “dinamic component extension” (1), but with simple listview it needs more then 10 seconds to show the items. Too slow.
An alternative should be a long click on ites in listview that open a popup where I can modify the quantity, but I prefer the solution above.
Can someone give me some hint?
TIA, Mike

(1) 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

Sample AIA -
customListview (1).aia (26.5 KB)
This might Help!

Thanks for your answer. I tried the .aia but webviewer.runjavascript is not available. Maybe it doesn’t work on Kodular?


we have evaluate javascript.

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Yes replace undefined block with Evaluate JS

There is also an extension for this -

I replaced the AIA with Kodular compatible blocks.

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Thanks a lot, now it works and it’s fast to load 1000 items . In the evening, I’ll try to understand if I can add a textbox in every item and a button to save the new data.
Anyway it’s a good starting point.

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After all I am here to help :smile:

Please mark my post as Solution.

With Colintree extension, I think it’s not possible to insert a textbox in every items. It accepts only text or icon, but it’s an interesting extension.

But, did your problem get solved ?

It think it should solve my problem, but I have to check if I’m able to integrate a textbox and a button on every item of the list. I don’t know javascript so I need some time to check.
I want to get something like this:
If I write 12 in the textbox and then click on button, I want to change 5 with 12 in the database.
I think is possible with your solution but I dont’ know if I have the knowledge to get it.
I’ll try.

Try this.
Dynamically create your items and place values ​​inside them.


I did this with card views and that extension before. It works pretty well.

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I tried Dynamic component extension following the guide I posted in my first message, but with +1000 items is too slow, 6/10 seconds for showing all items.

Welcome , @Emmevvi
Do you need to load them all at the same time?

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Yes, loading 1000+ Data at the same time is of no use.
( Correct me if i am Weong. )
User can not view it all at the same time.

You can Load them slowly with respect to Scroll.


On your system, how do you call these 1.000? By date? By type? By region? By seller? Is there such filtering? And if there is, are there still 1.000 items?

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My first idea is to load them at the same time, but maybe there are other ways to get the same result.
I explain what I want to do: I have a list of goods stored in a warehouse and their quantity, my purpose is to find a way to check and correct their quantity in a fast way.
Having all items loaded at the same time makes possibile to open the app and check, for example, wine (with a filterbar) without scrolling to the bottom of the list. If thei aren’t loaded I cant’ filter “wine”.