How to load lots of List

My app has a 500 list, and when that list is loaded into a ListView, the app slows down and crashes, then how to load only 100 list of the 500 lists at once, And when 100 list is loaded, then 200 list is to be loaded, then 300 then 400…

Note: - I am not using any online database, so plz do not suggest to use it.

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With clock block you can add time do yo u want and then next block list by time do you want to

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We cannot detect from the clock how much list has been loaded.

You can use ColinTreeListView in alternative of listView component, I think ColinTreeListView will not lag like List view component.

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How are the lists stored? CSV files?

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Can you explain me a little more ?

Can we detect how much list has been loaded with the help of this extension ?

You say you load 500 lists. Where do you have those lists stored and how?

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I stored all lists in variable

You should have those in CSV files or strings then.
And load only the ones you need. Do you need all 500 lists loaded all the time?
How big are each list?

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I am using make a list block.

I will add more lists after the user responds well, :sweat_smile:

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If you made all those lists by dragging blocks, let me tell you something: You wasted A LOT of time.
You can create those list in Excel, export the files in CSV (Comma Separated Values) which is a plain text file, and upload it to Kodular assets.
Then convert it to a list internally with the “List from CSV Row” or List from CSV Table" blocks.

What do you mean by “load”? I mean, the lists are already in Kodular list format, why do you need to “load” them?
Also, show your blocks please.

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I used a comma between sentences as a punctuation mark. So I didn’t use the “List from CSV Row” or List from CSV Table" blocks.

Here load means I want to show all lists in List view Component​:sweat_smile:

Make that an Excel sheet, each one a line.
Save it in CSV format.
Upload that file in Kodular.
Read it with the File component.
Convert it to a list with the List from CSV Table.

It will make your work a lot easier and fast.

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Can we do this after following this process.

set a to 0
for i from a*100+1 to a*100+100
select item from list and do your stuff
end for

then add a with 1 and repeat above

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Can you give me picture of blocks ?