Educational App Model [ For sale ]

Here is an Educational or Informatory app for sale.

It has a customized UI/UX and the parallax view is the optional feature (You can get it if you get an addon)

It get the media and information from the Airtable database. The trending block on the top get the trending feed from firebase or you can set it within the app.

It has notifications with onesignal. If you ask me I can add a analytics methods which can show up the realtime users of the app.


If you want to know more about the app. You are free to PM me

Cheers !

Want any other app ? Or Wanna Hire me ? PM me !


Nice Ui can you give the app download link for use

Are those cards? Or buttons? (on your second screenshot )
If those are cards increase corner radius they will look even cooler. :hugs:
BTW nice app… Please provide an .apk to check full features so we can decide whether to buy or not… :wink:

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Yes I want to buy an app tell me the price

can you tell me how you made this layout of cards

rs 3500 for this APP model ! are you kidding bro ?

When you put a lot of effort in an app, you decide the price. People can either choose to buy it or not. It’s up to them. As far as I know, most of the source codes on websites like codecanyon are sold with a license. But it’s not the same in the case of apps made with app inventors. If you have the .aia file then you can do whatever you want with it. No one is gonna find :slight_smile:

such applications are sold in 300 in india. its india 10 times the normal price . bam !

I’m also an Indian… LOL

so i thought u can understand man. well its fine. its upto the developer to quote the price

If any one want from me then I will provide the app aia with your budget
App screenshot

Don’t look at the content
This all are dynamic content

how much rupees for this type aia

I have also a simple design with bad UI haha…I can give you free.

But how did I use that ui

My can you explain me what wrong in my blocks

then give aia file link