EFile : Only asks for permissions when required

Again a great work by @vknow360 :partying_face::partying_face: :v:


Again a great work by @vknow360
keep it up


Great extensions @vknow360

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Hello! First of all, I want to thank you for this extension. I learned about it thanks to bodymindpower. In my application there was a glitch associated with file blocks. When I replaced them with file blocks from your extension, the problem disappeared.

But when I added your extansion to my application and built it, when I tried to install the APK on a ZTE smartphone (Android 7), I received the following message, “Blocked by Play protection. Play protection could not find information about the developer. Applications from unknown developers may be unsafe.” Accordingly, if I click OK, then the application does not install. And if I choose “Install anyway”, then everything is OK.

Has anyone come across a similar one? I have noticed that this message appeared exactly after I added the file blocks from your extension. Did it just happen to me? Dear users, who also use this extension, can you check your applications?

Once again, I want to emphasize that this is a very good extension. I just want to understand what this message is connected with and how to avoid it.

Thanks so much :heart: for giving this amazing extension

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what about doing a search in the community?


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@RusBoriska This warning is no longer displayed after your app has been published in the Play Store or after you have de-, recompiled and signed the APK yourself. See here:

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Thank you. Just before that, I tested several of my applications and never received such a notification, so yesterday I decided that it was connected with this extension. Yes, of course, when the applications are tested, I will upload them to the PlayStore.

ChangeLog Version 2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in read and write file methods
    Now you can write to and read from ASD even using absolute path without any permission.
    Thanks to @bodymindpower and @Boban

Excellent extension! I was scratching my head for a week trying to finish a game because I didn’t want it to ask for permissions to read a simple csv file from the assets.

Thank you very much for making this extension.


Your appreciation means a lot to me :heart:

ChangeLog Version 3

New Blocks
Thanks to @bodymindpower


  • Some internal changes

Good work !!! I test this extension soon …


Good work it’s best extension

Thank you :hugs:
Feel free to check it when you can.

hmm…so you joined two days ago and think it is best :thinking:
Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, works: Companion and APK!
You should also add this to your FileTools extension.


Btw, this also works with AI2 (nb184). Excellent!


Would it be possible to add a save block for the Canvas component?

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Yes it is possible :smiley:
Kindly wait till next update :slightly_smiling_face:


This extension has worked great for allowing reading and writing to the application specific directory after it was broken by the latest AI2 update. But, in my app, the
block points to:
/data/user/0/{app name}/files/
and not to:
/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/{app name}/files/

Using a Pixel 3 on Android 10
Same on Samsung Tab S6 on Android 10

And that’s exactly how it should be.
See also here (point → 1.2.)

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