Why showing a message" blocked by play protect" when i install the apk

when i export my apk and installing to my phone then one dialouge box is coming with " Blocked by play protect". …Why this is happening?..How to resolve this type of problem ?..plz guide me or help me.

Ignore this message, just click on cancel. Share your app i will told you

why this type of issue arrises.during installation. plz suggest me.

Don’t panic this message show when you installed app first time from kodular

This is normal. Just ignore thie warning. It’s just because google detects that you don’t use googleplay to install the app, and as googleplay doesn’t know your app, he thinks that it can be dangerous for your phone

Absolutely right, don’t to be panic only click on cancel. And your welcome on community.

Go to your play store.

Go to play protect.

Disable this.

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