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When I download my application on my phone, I get a message that the application is banned from Play Protect, what should I do?

The message doesn’t say that your app is banned, it says that developer is unknown to Play Protect and app might be unsafe. You see that because Play protect is turned on on your phone which gives warning when installing app from apk. Have you searched the community ?

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This is causing my app not to be accepted by the Samsung Store

Try Using Amazon AppStore to Broadcast Your App.

DId you read those topic provided by dora_paz

Your app is not on playstore or your apk is downloaded from unknown sources

Google Play Protect scans all apps for malware before and after you install them to ensure the safety of your device, data and apps. Its already enabled on your device by default.

Samsung Developer App Testing Requires your app to be approved by play Protect as @YOUSSEFxMOHAMED says. so the Solutions are
a) the app is Uploaded to Play Store
b) He uses other Stores Like Amazon which Does not Require your app to be approved by play Protect

If I had the $25 Google Play developer account, I wouldn’t want to upload it to the Samsung Store :sweat_smile:

It does not have many downloads

What have you tried so far to solve this issue?

That’s Why I Suggested you Use Amazon Play Store. It Has Free Publishing and App is Approved (if Everything is right) in 12 - 15 Hours.

You do not need Many Downloads. In-fact you do not need any Downloads.

Just Enter the Details and Upload Media and APK

Refer This Video

@YOUSSEFxMOHAMED this happens when you haven’t added the app’s package name so add a package name and then Try installing