Google Play Protect Warning

Why this message came?
In my any single app this won’t came even in empty app.

What is the reason to get this Play Protect Message?

But this only came in Companion - Redesigned by @hammerhai

In this post:

Play protect is turned on on your phone which gives warning when installing app from apk.

Also if we install app away from play store mean, this error/warning will appear. All the android apps are designed like that only.

No any my apps
gives this Error.

First time while you install from companion it will ask. It won’t ask you another time.

It happens anytime app is installed from outside PlayStore. You can turn it off if you don’t want this warning.

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have you ever installed apk on a device it always asks this if not installed from play store

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I check my every app in real device.

I need to install every app manually when checking.
but not my single app give this error even i isntall many test aps from the community but only this app give this error.

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idk why for me every app that i made says this probably your device got updated

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