Element/button loop next to list

Please help me with this task, I’ve dealing with this problem for 2 weeks as I can’t find any sources with the same problem.
I just need to know how to make the same element/button (camera&delete) to automatically appear after I create a new list. Thank you

Then you should try this

I’m sorry but this is new to me. But could you tell me how to use dynamic extension? Do I need to download it from some source?


  1. Create Two varaible list
  2. drag the camera component
  3. When user click on add button then camera will open and then use take photo button.
  4. after photo take then upload this image on cloudinary and then add this photo in created Varaiable, and show the text filed to put the file name.
  5. when user enter the input then add this title in second created Varaiable.
  6. use collintree list view extension, and display this data thier.

Excuse me, but could you please tell me in detail? About the cloudinary n how to display it according to id?

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