Email server is offline

We are investigating an issue that caused our email server to go offline. This may cause problems for newly created accounts, where they fail to get the activation email; or password resets.


I am from Argentina and during the last 24 hours I cannot log in and it is not a new account,regards

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My account is years ago, still I can’t login to kodular

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Same here. I am logged in through my mobile device.

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I’ll me pushing a hotfix during the upcoming minutes, so at least existing users can log in.

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You all should be able to log in now, though we are still working to get the system back to normality. A few things to keep in mind in the meantime:

  • Existing accounts (which are already active) can log in as they were doing, with both social providers and passwords.
  • New accounts will not be able to activate it through email. This means that they will need to access with a social provider to bypass this.

The reason behind this is that, right now, we are not able to issue emails. We will keep this thread updated.


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