EmailTo and Subject Properties Sharing component

Hi everyone, using the sharing component, I noticed that there are some very useful properties for me that I found for the same component in appybuilder.
These properties are:
EmailTo and Subject.
I found them very useful for filling in email automatically.
Can you tell me how I can achieve the same result? Would it be possible to implement these properties in the component?

The image you shared does not seem to be of kodular.
If u are using other platforms you must post in there community.

Kodular and AppyBuilder merged as you know.

Ohh sorry for that :grimacing:. I doesn’t realise that it’s of AppyBuilder.

I shared that image simply to show the properties that the shared component of appybuilder had, so that they could also be implemented in kodular.
I am using Kodular, that is an example of what we had with appybuilder.
Thank you

You can send email using activity starter

Obviously I can use the activity starter, but the sharing component is more convenient because it allows you to choose how to share the message.