Emergency help api json post and get

I have an api post request data interface problem, I need your help, how can I realize the automatic growth and shrinkage function in my dictionary block? The thing is, the interface I requested sends data in the past, the data can be sent a Or include multiple parameters and send them together. I just want to let users add any parameters and send the request in this section, but because the number of requests for each person is different, but I can’t dig a position in the dictionary early to give the user Fill it in, because when a user with few request parameters initiates a request, the response will not be able to obtain the request parameters of this part. How can I implement this request, please forgive my English is not good, I use translation software for dialogue

You are almost managing to resolve it. :thumbsup:

I still can’t do it, can you show me please?

Assemble your parameters according to the number of layers. Only fill in if the text boxes are not empty. If Not IsEmpty