Enabling Package name changing option

I’ve an app on Google Play, which I started on Thunkable. Now, I’ve made a new version on Makeroid starting it again. The problem is that Google Play requires me that all updates must have the same Package Name as it was before, but since I switched from Thunkable to Makeroid, the package name has changed.
Does anybody know how to change the Package Name to be the same as before? My only option now is to delete my Thunkable app and start another one again, but it would make me lose all my downloads (I’ve more than 200k). I am asking if is there any way to enable me the package name changing option. It’s really urgent.

Thank you very much! :pray:

See here for how you can switch to Thunkable package name:

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The package Name issue has been solved (Thanks!).
But when I tried to upload the APK, this message has appeared:

It says something about the APK digital certification, or something similar.
How can I fix this?

Export your keystore from Thunkable and import it into Makeroid. See File menu at the top of both builders to find the keystore.


It worked perfectly! Thank you! :grin: