Enquiry about Yail Components

hi everyone,
I have this extension I’m trying to build but everytime i try to use a complex type, It throws a java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot convert Java type ‘org.json.JSONArray’ to Yail type in thi case I’m using JSONArray. Is there a way or components I can use in place of this.

Kindly advise.

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Just Share Block Images We have done and Error message… edit in the first post. Also Share Extension Name, What is About This Extension.

Ok. in a moment

If you are trying to return a JSONArray in a method, make method’s return type to Object, or convert your JSONArray to a String.

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Read this and you will get your answer:


The error clearly says that JSONArray which is a Java-Type can’t be converted to Yail-Type where only ‘some’ variable types can be returned such as int,String,boolean,long,List,etc.

yeah… this is what i settled for actually. thanks

Thanks for your feedback. I will try using the List type.