Enter data in SQLite or spreadsheet

For my app I need to have a table (5 columns x 25 rows) of constant data to be referenced regularly. based on users responses. The data does not need to be updated or modified. Is there a way to create this table and enter the data in the construction stage or does the data need to be stored externally and blocks written to reference it? I saw one comment mention entering the data as an asset, but did not elaborate as to what to do next.

Just suggestion. :+1:
With sqlite, you enter data the first time the user’s app is opened. Afterwards, the data will already be inserted.

Create your table, inside the blocks.

  • use Create Table command SQL

Make your 25 Insert, to create your 25 rows and fill your columns.

  • use Insert Into Values command SQL

Thanks, I will do as you suggest.

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