Error 1101 unable to get response

This Problem maybe bug or other. But i need solution. I’m talking About Kodular. After new Update my time checker extension doesn’t work.

But it’s worke in Appybulder. But Kodular new version always say error.
It also work on kodular old version

This is my aia link :

Plz help me to find outsolutio.

Advance thanks :heart_eyes:

Hey, nobody have the time to look into your aia. Show us your blocks and people will help you normally.

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Check it Screenshot_20190115-090410|690x345

its @Androteq online checker extension error use component in connectivity in user pallete Network Error will be gone

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Can u give me example block…

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Thanks to everyone. Now i Find out the problem. I took new web connectivity component and remove old one. Now It’s working. Kodular updated their web component or change some code that’s Why this show me errors .

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web component has big method to setting up but our Kodular component have not

Hello, where is this new web connectivity component. All i could see is the old one. I removed it from my app and then added a new one (the same web connectivity component). Still I am getting 1101 error on Android OS 9.0.

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Check your web url with crome or any browser. Is it working or not??

Yes they are working fine. Even these urls are working in android OS 6.0. Since new update, it has stopped working.

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