Error 1103 after updating companion app

So we can confirm there looks to be a bug with the web component on android 9 together with companion.

After we catch the bug we will release a fix soon.
Please be patient guys and dont create new topics about this known problem.


Same problem, same phone

Same problem.
OS Version : 8.1 and 7.1
Companion Version : 1.3 Draco
Creator Version : 1.3.0-Draco
Device Name : Xiaomi note 5 and Xiaomi redmi 5

I have the same problem.
OS version : Android 8.0
Companion version : 1.3 Draco
Create Verison : 1.3.0-Darco
Mobel Name : Samsung Galaxy S7
Country : Korea
Telecom name : SKT 1Gpbs

I have the same problem. :sob:
OS version : Android 6.0.1
Companion v : 1.3 Draco
Create Verison : 1.3.0-Draco
Model Name : Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M)
Country : Uruguay

Thank you all staff @KodularCreator
Companion is back… yeay

I’m still with the problem

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You should be fine because I have an S7 Edge with Android and it works perfectly.

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1103 still

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Because a bug fix is not released yet.
We will release end of this week a new update.


Update your companion guys it’s working now
thanks to Kodular Developers … you are great guys :clap::clap::+1:


today for the first time I faced this problem. I can’t log in to the app in the morning, error 1103