Error 1103: Unable to put or post text.. After Updating app to version 1.4D.1 Eagle in Android 5.1

Recently I have created a project in Kodular version 1.4D.1 and tested it with the companion of the same version. But I am getting Error 1103: Unable to put or Post text …

Android Version: 5.1,
Phone: Vivo Y51L,
I am connected to WiFi
Plz help
Thanks in advance!

please show your blocks. If it don’t happened in Kodular Eagle 1.4D.0 or Kodular Eagle 1.4C.5 you can try reverting the app.

Can you show the blocks?

Try to send the screenshot of your error

Edit your response, do not send another twice. Thank you.

Search first, ask questions later

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I don’t have any blocks.

This is the error I am getting!

I am working on a splash screen with a login and signup. But I have only designed it. So no blocks.
Thanks for your help!

I am forced to use Emulator (nox). :pensive:

Try this, open Appinfo Companion-> force close the app -> also go storage clear data and empty cache…

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Still not Working!

Any success? Same problem here.