Error 1109: The specified URL is not valid

Hello, I’m having problems here, I want to connect to the database but it gives me error 1109. I’ve already tested it in the browser and it works, can anyone help me?
Blocks and prints:

have you triend this


Name: Hello

It keeps giving error 1109, I did it like this, by the way, here is the file that is on the website:

remove this line from code

header ( "Content—type : text/html; charset=utf—8 ");

I keep getting the same error, I already removed that line and tried it.

actually this error means you have done something wrong with mysql

include("conexao.php") ;
$nome = $POST['nome'];
$endereco = $POST ['endereco'] ;
$idade = $POST ['idade'];
$insere = "INSERT INTO usuarios(nome,endereco,idade) VALUES('$nome' ,'$endereco','$idade')";
$q = mysqli_query($conexao,$linsere);
if($q){echo "Data Inserted";}else{echo "Mysql Error";}
}else{echo "Connection Error";}

Try this and show me error

I already tried and the following happens:

it’s mean you have posting on wrong url

What do you mean, I didn’t understand?

this url is not valid

But when I open it in the browser it works

send me a link

An url starts with http:// or https://


Ah, that was the problem haha, thank you, it’s no longer giving an error, but it’s also not putting the data in the table…

I will review the file

is the id is auto increment ?

Yes, but now it is giving the error: 1103 ERROR

something you are doing wrong if you have anydesk i can help you just pm me

You probably should start with a working solution App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps and after that adjust it to your needs


I know this way of doing it but I’m doing this simpler but still functional one

I’ll try doing it this way