Error 201 After Update 1.5.5 (Camera did not return an Image)

Seems like this error is not listed on that list

So even though they have released a version 1.5.6, this particular error hasn’t been fixed…

Of course, the workaround from (Anke) works great, but we shouldn’t be having to use it.

Anyone heard of any updates to this bug being fixed?

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hello, the error 201 is still appearing in this new version 1.5.6, the camera didnt return any image, can you help us to fix this error ASAP please?

is there any news for solving this bug?

Not Solve this error please do it fast

Its working I am using this 2022 updateTechnical Yarana

Hi Where do I find that join block with 3 sockets.
Thank you

Click on little gear :gear: to add more slots

I am but it only gives me this options.


Wow thank you so much you really saved my life.

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how to get this blok
Uploading: file kodular.PNG…

Can Any1 share how to upload via FTP after take picture from Camera, after update 1.5.6? thank you very much

I am using this component (Surface View).

While I wait for them to fix the camera.


Sensational idea @jimy_jonayker , works perfectly for those who don’t need all camera functions.

How can you bypass this error after taking the picture, especially if you use extensions as in the screenshot

blocks (3)

The workaround in this thread uses the Surface View component… what about reading the previous answers and trying the tips?


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