Error 2101 "Not Found file" in first opened (and only the first time)

Good morning, I am blocked with the solution of the error 2101 “Not Found file”. Let me explain: I am creating this app where the score is increased among the screens with the file component. This means that the player will find the score of the previous session when reopening.
But when I load the project .apk on my smartphone, the first time (and only the first time) the error 2101 appears: “file not found”. In addition, the file component does not have the “When error” block, so I cannot intercept the error.
In some posts I read that I could manage the directory “//score.txt” (Double Slash before) by changing the “Scope” settings of the app from APP to = asset, and upload in Asset manager the file “score.Txt” with the value 0.
Equally it doesn’t work.
(of course I have already read other forum posts, but without finding the solution)

No idea about it?

On first run of the app, that file does not exist… just add an exists block from the file component to check, if the file exists and then read

To store the file in the assets will not help, because assets are read-only


@TAIFUN (Thanks for all the help you give us)
I think I have solved