ERROR 2103 file not create

Hello guys. Have very big problem. File is doesnt save. Problem is Error 2103: The file /storage/emulated/0/nastavenie.txt

Permissions is have settings android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

I read more topic this same error but nothing fix my problem.
BTW sorry for my bad english. Thanks.

If you are trying in android version 10+, it is common. Pls ref guide given. by @bodymindpower

store the file in shared storage or ASD, see also


New problem. First file and directory is created. And next file and directory error 2103.
Example: Directory and file /emcall/vyjazdy/1/zahajvyj.txt is create
but directory and file /emcall/vyjazdy/2/zahajvyj.txt does not create


Instead of crrating multiple folder like 1/2/3… Why don’t you add the counter at the end of the file and try?? Like filename1.text, filename2.text. .



Of course not because: