Error 400 - Bad Request

No, I sad I have been done already it before. doesn’t works. rsrs

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Did you change any thing?

Take care…You must add the url of the php script…And not the url of the server…Did you make that?

yeah, I add this:

Hey, either your websites shows:

You must check your website settings and php properly…

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What would be shown?

It shows that:

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What settings and php property I must do?

Ok, and what is the correct response?

Ofc it’s the php and not a bad request…The problem isn’t in your blocks…The problem is in your php…Can you share the php code with us…

Check that the php code is connecting correctly to your database. Check username and password. In some databases the servername is “localhost” and in others you have to put a url.
Which server do you use?

Show your code to see if it has any error. If you put a wrong comma or write a wrong space it doesn’t work …

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If I use deep host extension, this php script works ok, so no error with connection on my php

Do you right “my secret pass” as sql key

There is a connection error…

Here’s the code that connects to your database. I get “Bad Request”. I think it means it’s not connecting to your database.

man, my secret pass is [email protected]@md:g

my secert pass is [email protected]@md:g

after I will change

I’m talking about your sqlkey. Is it: my secret pass

NO, it is:
[email protected]@md:g