Error 400 - Bad Request

I’m trying to use mysql and php, loking a step by step from Pura Vida APPs and receive this error when excute any query:

May be you can show your blocks…

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I’m using this .aia file downloaded from App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps

Are you writing queries right?

yes, when I execute queries on Phpmyadmin works.

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Also did you set your server url ?

yes, URL and SQLKey too.

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Did you change any thing in the blocks except the sever url and the sqlkey?

If I use Deep Host extension, works.

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We don’t recommend here in the community to use deep host’s extensions as he doesn’t support his extensions…

yeah, Because that I’m trying using Web block from Pura Vida

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From taifun website:

Returns HTTP code 400 for any error with your SQL or setup
You have error in setting up your sql.

If you want I can say the url and sqlkey to test

I didn’t change any query

Also…Is your website php is written as in taifun’s website?

And what about that?

I don’t know if my site is like Taifun’s website

Scroll down and see the php script.

Oh yeah, i inserted my account settings end upload the PHP Script to my site

Does it work now?