Error 701: cannot load the file from google drive

Hi, guys im new here, i just learned kodular since 1 week ago, and now ill try to watch tutorial to display a video on background, and then when i tried to export it into apk, theres a notif “error 701:cannot load the file from gdrive or smthing” how to fix it yea ? please help im newbie :slight_smile:

Did you share the video file?

yeah i change the optional to everyone can see it

Show your blocks

here is my blocks

What happen when you run the above url in browser? Why do you use download option in url? Directly use file id

Like this

Copy the video url and do the rest like this

this is wht happen if i used my blocks

okay let me try like you do :smiley:

Or in a simple manner Take the id of the video and join with this url and set it as video player source

i did tried and still like this

Well try like this then along with clock… may be it needs time to load the video

okay ill try :smiley:

i cant find those 2 blocks, my bad im newbie :sweat:

i have tested with small file 4mb and found working



now it does look like this :cold_sweat:
or can you acces this link ?

see teh size of file… I am not sure this will work


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i see… i dont know size is matter, i tried to make it smaller then