Error 703 unable to play local mp3 file

someone coluld help me to solve the Error 703: Unable to play .mp3 when I use the “call Sound1.Play” (Sound1 has common properties: Minimum interval=500 and source= name of the file in my local directory). If I use the Player1 (using a mp3 file in my local directory) I get no effects in touching down the botton2.

Show your source file path, and where is this set, in the designer?
A sound component will only play @ 5.6 seconds of a normal mp3.

thank you TimAi2. when I set Sound1 I pick the file in my local directory. In “Source” I can’t edit the path. It seems to be a simple set, but I’m wrong.

For starters, it looks like you will need to use the Player component.

When you say “local” do you mean in your assets?

my file.mp3 takes 6 minutes, if I use player I don’t get any feedback using button.touchdown

I do not know what you mean by that?

All of this makes no sense at all. Before this topic grows again unnecessarily, post the aia or, even better, a test aia that is as simple as possible.
And explain precisely what your app is about (what the goal is).

ok, I apologise. I’m tryng to make a series of buttons in a screen and each should play a different MP3. I watch a tutorial and follwed all the tips, so I create that:

But on Kodular Companion nothing happen when I click every button. Each mp3 is on Kodular server (I loaded).
Any good idea?

If this is true (you uploaded the MP3s to the assets), it should work, but you do not need 4 players. Just change the source.

thanks for your patience but i can’t resolve :sob:
I have to use for each button 1 different mp3: so I create 1 button for 1 player.
However I tried to delete player in order to test 1 only player on 1 only …nothing gone right!
Wondering some setting is wrong but my screen is absolutely easy: 1 button, 1 player, 1 mp3
I’m in trouble because I’m not skill at all with Kodular … :crazy_face:

If you wish post your aia here so we can identify the problem

Audio_Bible.aia (7.8 MB)
thank you dora_paz…here it is :slight_smile:

Try this

Audio_Bible_2.aia (7.8 MB)

Mp3’s contains - but you have spaces in name

thank you a lot Dora! I changed text like the name of the mp3 appear in assets. But still it doesn’t works: when I click on each button of three I don’t hear mp3 from kodular companion.

I really don’t understand! :bowing_woman:

Just try Dora’s corrected aia. I am sure it will work.

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You’re right Diango, I hadn’t tried. Thank you very much Dora: you’re very skilled! Your code is very sophisticated…I just have to add the other mp3s.
I’m reborn! :grinning: :kissing_heart:


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