Error 902 No Screen

All of a sudden

Actually, It knows the screen. The screen flashes up for a second and then throws an error

but its there…

So I copied the screen, renamed it and got this

Ive read all the other comments on this issue but none helped



Make sure, there is no space at the end of the screen name… Even single space can cause error like this

No Spaces

Its been working perfectly for months… this is something NEW

Very strange.

Else use copy screen, rename it and add the new screen name and test it

Did you edit your aia?

Try by reloading the creator and restarting the companion…

nope. no edit

ok, let me try that

If that doesn’t work, try duplicating the screen with a small name change to see if it works.

still same error.

Im not running it in companion but a apk (also happens in Companion)

Ive got a real problem here!

It might get corrupted at any given time and that’s why you should make backups

did that… same thing

I told this one,

did that

Maybe there is a problem with project like … ?

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Dora, are you suggesting I go into the aia?

Download aia and check it with 7zip, just to be sure

what would I look for… Like I said.

It seems to know the screen cause it flashes up for a second and then disappears and throws the error

Why not check the post that was linked above

Wow 37 screens…

Sorry without a aia no one can help you…