Error 902 - Screen Not Found

Hi , I’m facing a BIG problem.

After I deleted some screens and re-added them by importing the ais file , I cannot change screen.
Evetytime that i want to change screen , the app crashes with the report "error 902 , screen not found : “screen name”

So I searched on internet and I tried everything.
In the community forum i found some “ways” to solve this problem and I tried them.
This solutions are :

-First of all I created new screens and copied what I need in them and then removed the imported screens -> error 902
-I checked the name of the screens (even used copy-paste for the names) -> still error 902
-I deleted everything on the screen1 and create again all blocks -> still error 902
-I deleted all screens , including everything on screen1 and put only a button that helped me to go to screen2 -> still error 902
-I removed the package name ->still error 902

When I used “go to screen” function from screen1 to screen1 (so I just opened again screen1) it worked , when I changed the name to screen2 -> error 902.

What can I do? the same blocks work in other projects but non on this one…

Can you share your blocks where you open another screen and screen menu?

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Sure , here are the blocks and everything.

The blocks to change screen are the only one on this screen (I deleted everything just to make sure that other blocks are not interfering with “goToScreen” function)

I think that while I was downloading/uploading the screens project(.ais) an error occured so the files were corrupted and bugged the project.

I “solved” by recreating the app in another project (I had some backup .aia and .ais files) and it works (but the original project is bugged so I have to delete it…)

TIP for everyone : Do loads of backups! The backup saved my *ss (it too me 2 months to create this app)


Thats why you should make backups kids :rofl:


Exatly… I don’t know why some days ago I made those backups (never used backups in my entire life , with everything abount school , work or even minecraft :joy: :joy: :joy: )


I recently make frequent backups too, because I saw someone in the community lost his project with no backups. Since then, everytime I close my pc or close my laptop lid, I do backup.

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Well machines are imperfect like humans and it’s better to have a backup… Cloud and offline (it’s a bit difficult on paper :yum: :joy: )

So I think that my problem doesn’t have a solution (besides to make another project), right?

Should I “pin” this reply as “solution” or keep this discussion opened?


And also don’t write too #off-topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did it. :alien:

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That’s what a TL3 can actually do :P

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Sorry! :grin:


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