Error: App Not Installed

Hi Koders,

I have got my app not installed after I setted up an icon and changed its package.Then, I found that the app is installing properly if I don’t provide any Custom Package to my project and the icon is correctly placed. So what’s wrong with the custom package

I have tried all the package below but all of them gave same error.

I have already searched the community and got 3-4 topic solved but those solutions doesn’t help me.


Make sure you’re not using numbers on package name and there are no space left in between words.

Package name format : com.example.example

I have cross-checked their is no space in package name and no numeric digits

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Never faced any issues regarding package name yet. Wait for other to reply or you can post a demo aia (if possible) so that I can check what’s wrong.

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Uninstall your previously installed app…

I have changed the package so no previous app with same package is installed

Did you ever install this app before changing the package name, if so remove it…

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Thanks a lot man!!! You made my day :grinning::grinning:

Hey @Boban ,

I tried to duplicate the project with different name & exported it with differ package Names. Even got the same Error Again. Why is it So?

what if i want to create multiple apk of same project in same Account.


Make sure your duplicated apk name is different with package name and version code.

Show some pictures of apk , package and version code of both apps.

Only the version code is same otherwise the App package & the application name is different.

Honestly I don’t know, can you provide us with those two apk’s so we can do some test on it

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