Error build apk: DX execution failed

Unfortunately, still error when I added Google Map

@ivan_moreno thanks for letting us know the cause. I’ve got a hunch of what’s happening here, I just need to confirm with @Taifun.

Can you optimize this extension? Or is that not possible?

I will try to create a component instead of an extension and see what happens then.

You’re welcome, you’re doing a great job.

I imagine if it would be possible if another library of google play services was used, but I’m not sure

yes, unfortunately after the latest Makeroid update the Google Pick Account extension is not compatible anymore with Makeroid, because both use the Google Play Services library. I will add a note on my webpage
Thank you @ivan_moreno for finding it out…


Unfortunately I can’t do anything about this, see also chapter 3.2.3 of the Extensions document

… the external libraries (jar files) must be unique across projects. If a project imports several extensions, then two different extensions cannot import the same jar file.


@ivan_moreno I need to confirm that the extension is causing this. Could you remove the extension from your project and try building again?

I already did, without the extension builds correctly.

Any updates?

now it works ?

you’re welcome, thank you for your excellent extensions

Thanks to @Taifun releasing the source code for this extension, I’ve just implemented this as a Makeroid component. It’ll be available in the next release. :wink:


Thank you :wink:

As advised by @Taifun, we’re going to be creating a component for this.

No problem, that’s great news :).

Maybe we can compile your extension with Makeroid, so that you can put it on your website

The source code of the Pick Google Account extension is now available on my webpage
You now could use that code to create a component out of it…



Thanks! I will create an extension today. Check if it works and then send it to you.

TaifunZip and Storage 'FILE" incompatible.

But zip, integrated in File.

Thanks, good Work Makeroid :+1: