ERROR CAMARA ( Run time Error Attemp to invoke virtual method ´ a null objet referenc

You will need Apk editor studio for it.

Edit the AndroidManifest.xml file by replacing io.kodular to com in front of android authorities line.

Refer this post :point_down:


Depends on your package name


Can you share the editor with me.

I downloaded one but it won’t let me modify

Java is also required

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Thank´s for your colaboration

Could you explain a little how to modify it?

It is available in thread posted above.

I can’t find the manifest file

save apk after this.
File Menu - Save Apk

Chandan, what date will this be corrected automatically in Kodular?
I am also having the same problem.

I expect it before 1st August.

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the change was made and the problem persists

Okay, send apk and application id/package name.

I found that by removing the package name the function works again. But then it’s not possible to update the PlayStore version :frowning:

Solution is posted above, check it. You will be able to upload it on Play Console.

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Hello chandan. How i cant change my app from android to ios

I don’t think there is anything like this for iOS.
But in code packages such as Flutter, React Native, one code can do the job. You can build two apps(android & iOS) by same code.

Thank you so much