ERROR CAMARA ( Run time Error Attemp to invoke virtual method ´ a null objet referenc

i have problem with the camera

Try editing manifest with apk editor

Similar bug has been reported

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Yes, if we use camera to take picture it reports the same like error. I am not SURE whether it have added in the bugs fixer list or Will it be due to my android problem …

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It has been fixed, waiting for update.


Master can you show me how?

Thank you.

You will need Apk editor studio for it.

Edit the AndroidManifest.xml file by replacing io.kodular to com in front of android authorities line.

Refer this post :point_down:


Depends on your package name


Can you share the editor with me.

I downloaded one but it won’t let me modify

Java is also required

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Thank´s for your colaboration

Could you explain a little how to modify it?

It is available in thread posted above.

I can’t find the manifest file

save apk after this.
File Menu - Save Apk

Chandan, what date will this be corrected automatically in Kodular?
I am also having the same problem.

I expect it before 1st August.

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the change was made and the problem persists

Okay, send apk and application id/package name.