Why is camera doesn't show. in component kodular, its not extension! ist a bug? please help me. thanks yo

Describe your issue

error : Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘android.content.res.XmlResourceParserandroid.content.pm.ProviderInfo.loadXmlMetdata(android.content.pm.packageManager,java.lang.String)’ on a nul object reference.

i am running in companion that no problem, but after built apk. i have error like that.

What is your android version ?

android nughat

Make sure Are you using anything extrnsion which is not supported by Fenix. If exists try to recast.

It’s a package name issue…

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i use kodular component , not extension

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what’s solustion who i must to do? any tutorials

Go to setting scroll down to package name and add

If you don’t know the location pls ref here

i am sorry, my app still error!

After adding default theme, package name, app name, enabling splash screen, RTL support you are getting ?

It will not work with custom package name

I’ve done the above but still getting error!

You have to wait for the update !!!


You can manifest the Android.xml file through APK Editor Studio.

APK Editor Studio :- APK Editor for PC and Mac – APK Editor Studio

Java :- https://java.com/download/

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Wait for 2-3 days, it will solved automatically.

4 days ago… still facing this problem , I know kodular will fix it , please be fast :blush:

Solution is there, you can upload new update after using it

today its 1st august , should kodular has been fix it according informaion in community. but until now not yet fix it.

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thanks for your annoucement

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