Error Compiling

Error Compiling, in the companion work great, but when i try to compile i get error…
i was compiling whith out problem, but just now i dont know what i was changed that could worsen
my project

I use simple components and a Tiny DB…

I think the issue is caused due to that when Screen1.Initialize block

Try removing it or add some functions to it

Hi I removed the content of what I had there precisely purifying the project…

just now i remove initialize block but the same errorlluviasdebendicion.aia (116,8 KB)

Is that all of your blocks? Are there any warnings?

From looking at the error it mentions “else” and “then” which makes me think this is an error in a If statement block.

This is the second screen but even deactivating the if it still goes wrong.


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I am sure you solved it by yourself after a week.
Your “letres” variable is far to long (> 100.000 !)
I reduced it in a test to the half and the error disappeared

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Thank you … I had not solved it yet.

but with the advice that you gave me, I just solved it.
it’s true, the variable is very large

You are Great…!