Error_division_by_zero = 3200

Please, could someone help me resolve this alert message?
It is showing up every time I enter the app screen.

“Error 3200: Trying to divide 0 by 0. The result might not be valid.”

Please tell me what this message is related to, so that I can correctly direct the capture of the blocks

it looks like you are using a division block somewhere


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Thanks @Taifun
So I think it refers to this block

do you call that method during Screen.Initialize?
make sure, dias_para_somar is not 0… as you know a division by 0 is not possible


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Yes, see below


So how do I not get that message anymore? Because there will be times when the user will have no record (= 0 ).

what about adding an if statement in your procedure?

if dias_para_somar = 0
then return 0
else return the result after division



Thank you very much @Taifun hank you very much @ for your help and your time helping me.

:star_struck: :+1:t3:

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