Error download apk file


I try to download the apk. file of my application in my phone or my computer, but, it’s not possible because, they is an error message.

Thank’s for you help !

Help us help you.

What is the error message

Search the community as there are many great tips and tricks to figure this stuff out.

when i open the file on my phone for install my app, the message is : there was a problem parsing the package.

What Android version is it running?
What phone model is it?
Have you made any kind of modification to it, like rooting it?

Samsung galaxy j5 2017
android 8.1.0

Question pending here.

no i not try for the moment.
How i change this ?

  • Check your assets.
  • Make sure you set app’s Min Android version to lower than your device’s Android version.
  • Make sure you have right package name.
  • What happens in other devices?

Paste the APK here and one of us will try it.

TopProf.apk (5.1 MB)

I am not able to install it, it doesn’t appear neither in launcher:

nor in Apps tab:

Try to donload your apk again and post the new .apk here.

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yes the version is much lower and the same thing happens on all other devices.
here is the apk file again : TopProf(1).apk (5.1 MB)

The same error

Do you develop it with Kodular, right?

for me too… It’s strange ! :sweat_smile:

Can you message one of us your AIA?

Anyone who is a ProKoder can be trusted


yes, i use kodular

Your package name is wrong

eg. com.baasapps.appname

your is TopProf


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How i can change this ?