Error en 1.4.c Firebase database

I have made a new compilation with the new version of Kodular and now quotes are added to every data I import from firebase

Before the new version it showed the data without the quotes

When I import the data value I collect a Json and show the value of each json object I need
I think the problem may be in:

  • How does firebase save data "\"25\""
  • How this new version reads data from Firebase

Anyone knows how to solve this?

Hi. Community language is and will ever be english.

Apart from the language … any other contribution would be welcome.

Store the numbers with the math number block not the text string.

Thanks @Hassan yes, I have seen that it is a solution.

However, before, the text block was used for both string and numbers and the quotes did not appear when you retrieved the data.

Although from now on I’ll do it like this

Thank you.

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