Error fetching location

Hello, people,
I have a problem when obtaining the location, see the attached figure.
1 - If it is not enabled (passive), (1.1) I enable it, (1.2) but it does not end the routine.

  1. If I already have the location (GPS), (2.1) Do not end the routine.

  2. If you do not have a provider, do not leave the routine.

How do I routinely close in the 3 cases?

Someone help me.

use a Clock component and add your blocks there
remove 1.2
and in 2.1. stop the clock


I made the change, however the timer does not wait to activate the location, it skips the screen automatically.

As shown.
1 - Calls Location activation.

2 - Jump and call a new screen.

in App Inventor blocks never wait …
the only thing disturbing is the notifier… just display it only once, set a global variable to true like this

initialize notifierShown to false

if not notifierShown
then display the notifier and set notifierShown to true

and keep the clock running… only stop if you find gps in the provider names…