Error from companion: for a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features!

why i am getting this error
i`ll do every thing but problem is same
please help anybody

Welcome to community. Firebase’s realtime database location must be us-central1. Since you can not change location to an existing project, create a new project in firebase and set location to us-central1

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Your reading time is just less than 9m. Already solved more than 100+ of same topic in community… first search and you didn’t get it mean create topic. It will saves your time

same problem i had already tryed this

Then again you gone into wrong it seems. Check the location of your new Firebase project

Post a screenshot of firebase’s settings, see for example mine

i`ll tried different firebase accounts but same problem

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The strange thing is that database seems that is in asia-southeast1

Can you start over with a new project ?

yes but same error showing with new project also
i`ll do again

Follow quide Firebase Database | A Guide for Beginners

same things
nothing happen
when i am paste url erroer showing
i am not too new in firebase
but don`t know what happend

Post a test aia just with latest firebase project

spin.aia (1.4 KB)

This is not your url . Try spin_1.aia (1.4 KB)

Changed url to No errors from companion

i think i am professional

I believe problem is solved now :slight_smile:

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