Error getting text of a downloaded file

I’m trying to download a file from the internet and read it’s content.
I get the error every time ‘File not found’.
Here you can see my blocks.
Thanks in advance,

did you set the download url?

Yes, and I’ve checked that it’s correct

can you show me your full block? where you have called procedure?

It’s here:
It’s a label click and an arrangement click

Are you sure the file you downloading in is a text file and not in other format. That maybe the issue.

I’ve checked that the file is a .txt file because I can open it with the Open file block,
Now I’m testing with the Pura Vida Apps extension to move the file to another location and then open it.

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Using the Taifun File extension to move the file and then read it solves the problem.
Thanks for your help!


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