Error Happend.....plz solve this

i am using card view with some element. i call data from google sheet. but this error happened … can u guys solve this.???

here are my blocks…

But make sure you have clicked the cardview which is created dynamically…

To avoid this error always use if then else block

If IsDynamic component
Then try to get ID of the clicked id of the cardview component

You are clicking on a cardview that wasn’t created dynamically. Try this way

Thanks @dora_paz @Still-learning


i recieve value from screen 1 but this error msg show.

here is my block


Are you sending the start value as a list in previous screen?

yes… i will post screensort above… plz cheak


Right click on get start value and press do it to cross verify whether you are getting text from previous screen or not first

why this happend ? @Still-learning

So it clears that none come from the previous screen… so go back to previous screen and check really the values are printing

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