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it is hard to say every release will have a zero bug, even for big shots (they too suffering after the release). IF you have patience just be cool, all the dusts and all will be resolved soon. Kodular staff already working on it. thanks


@Suradip_Dutta Check Now Just upload your google-services.json file & package name of your app

Successful after removing Vibrate Extension & used Sound Inbuilt component.

Test.aia (122.3 KB)


that means kodular have staffs that,s why it,s take 6 month to update the facebook sdk! third party extension developer created the facebook ads extension and he update the sdk when facebook upgrade the sdk version in just 48 hours so why should i not use third party monetization extension?

if a individual solve the issue in 48 hours so why it,s takes 6 month for kodular staff?

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So you are the deephost. Hmmmnmm. BTW congrats.

There is huge difference between single man work Vs a total complete platform. I hope you cannot able to distinguish the diff between extension and the app platform. Now kodular tied up with google. Is there any other android tied up? Be positive with our platform first.