Error in Activity Metadata stage

do you know how to solve metadata issue problem

Can you please say a bit more about the issue you are experiencing?
Are you using extensions? Which ones?
Any screenshot of the error message and the result of the build process?


Screenshot 2021-07-16 095349

phase i have deleted then also metadata issue is happening

You are using two deephost extension. So it is hard to say that you will be helped here. Instead of deepohost pls try some other extension and still error persists ask here

with country code picker extension and shimmer extension, i can export i just saw it but what more dont know

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If you do a search for Deephost here in the community you will find a lot of threads with open issues and bugs…
Also it seems to be, that Deephost deleted all his contributions here in the community and disappeared completely

Please start a new thread to report an issue…



@Suradip_Dutta Thank you for the additional information
The metadata bug already has been added to the bug tracker…
It might help our friends at Kodular, if you could share your project so they easier can fix the problem…


Yes i checked lot,s of threads and they got bug because they don,t use it correctly

already some one started and iam following the thread when they will get solution i will apply to my work. why i will create multiple thread for same topic

also reply me for this

Yes, this might be the case most of the time… usually the developer would provide some help in this case… unfortunately he disappeared…
Feel free to provide help if you know the answers…



Bodhi_Signup.ais (20.8 KB)

See this is the problem and this screen showing this

One of your extension is not compatible with this new update try removing one by one!

You will have to add the project, I e. the aia file (not the ais file)

i face same issue then i remove some extension now iam able to export but my exported app is nothing without extension so iam waiting when all bug will be fixed because i do the recast option too after recast the extension i got another error then i just delete my project and now iam fraustuated! i was working on a app from 7 days.


you can try recast option for evry extension hope it will work for you but for me it,s not worked

i use recast for country code picker but failed.

please help me