Error in compiling stage by kodular

i cant export app and when i checked log everything is fine and after that i am getting a notification from kodular so its not my fault when will it get fix

Edit:-I checked i cant export any app in my projects help me out

Can you post the full log here?

You can do few things:
Try again by reloading creator.
Clear cache and cookies of your browser.
Show full error log.

Is there any logs?

i Tried each and everything no project is exporting and i reloaded website 5 to 10 times and i tried in other browser also

here is the log

Is your app icon size too big?
Are there spaces in name of assets?

No i have not set any icon yet and there is not spaces between name in my assetsnand none of my project is exporting eqch project is showing this error can you check yours

ya i found solution today i added a extension for online time but i was not added but its showing whe i search but now major problem is i cant remove it when i click remove and eneter a popup came and say internal error now how do i remove none of my project is working

Just refresh creator.

no it dosnt work i tried so much but now i found way just make it aia then go to assest in aia delete the extention from there

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