Error in compiling the apk shows dangerous extension

Sorry, I do wonder if the release of new Kodular Eagle can’t accept some other extensions like startup etc.

The view log Error show

Please, I want to know which extensions have now dompt off by the new release, because I have been using startapp extension to my apps and works better before this new release of today, I know Kodular Eagle has the same Adnetwork for starapp but I have been using the extension for some reasons.

This is an extension only I have used

1 Reason
to ride off huge commissions taken by kodular from my earning
2. Reason
the extension was best with more features than kodular had.

So please would you tell me why denying this extension
Please would you analyze some extensions which we should use in this new release Kodular Eagle 1.4.0

Due to some policies enforcement, you will have to use our native ads components
The extension is not dangerous, but we want to provide our own components for a better performance


So, you are saying to use a platform which allows you making money, without giving anything back, right?
Do you know that if everyone were like you, Kodular would not exist? If everybody uses extensions to bypass the commission, we would not be able to pay for the servers… They cost thousands of euros every month!


Ok, @Diego for sure, I have to apologize for this case, and I may say that I will not repeat again, for real since your platform is now coming to be best than any out there, I say it again please forgive me.


I really appreciate people like you which understand our point of view

Even though FREE sounds really great, it’s not possible to give everything for free


@Diego And What About So Many Commission :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and there is no facebook native ads but i use that …and that also not able to build…you add this system so that we cant earn and kodular can earn right :zipper_mouth_face: really i am Disappointed with thing … i dont know what you have problem with this even i cant used my desired extension…:pensive:

I found something in release notes…
New Ads Commission system
No more fixed commissions; you will now pay for what you use: few components means lower commission

This apply for only monetization components or all components like dynamic components or any other.

An app to calculate the commission is being published to Play Store
Once Google approved it we’ll link it

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Waiting for that just tell commission on monetization components or all components

Its ok and genuine to take commission from monetization components like startapp,applovin etc. I agree 100% just need clarification