Error in display

I accidentally clicked in a options in block section my some block delete I think because show sum × " red error. And my block section display fully white because of that !
Please help me how to fix that ? I refresh 3 time

I think you have clicked the Hide Warning option so the warning and the error is now hidden. Just click again on the same button Show Warning and the warning will be shown…

Here, I didn’t get you.

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Just right click in block section and from the the appearing menu, choose Enable Workspace Grid option.
See @Boban’s reply :point_down: for reference


Thanku done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray: please tell me if I accidentally deleted some block how to undo that , is there any option?

It is possible, when you have not refreshed the screen now the blocks can’t be undo because you have refreshed the screen 3 times as you have said in your topic.

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Oh :broken_heart::broken_heart:ok Sumit thanku for information

You can hit ‘Ctrl + Z’ (Undo) immediately after you suspect some block to be deleted. However I am not sure if you can do that now(after some steps already performed)

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