Error in Facebook Ads Showing

Hello Koders,
I am using @JEWEL ‘s Facebook Ads Extension. In Test Mode Ads are working. But without Test Mode Ads works only on my samsung s10. in other mobiles’ not working (Samsung A71 and Huawei Y9 2019)

What will be the issue. Please Help me if anybody know related this…

Share app link to help members test on their mobiles too!

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If test ads are showing and also live ads are showing to your own device, it’s mean extension working perfectly now you may need to publish your application.

If I publish in Play store, ads will work in all devices?

Yes, what I hope!

The issue has nothing to do with the extension. So don’t tag the extension developer on every reply.

You have not filled up the data safety form correctly. Since your app contains ad, you should declare the collection of Device IDs such as Google Advertising ID, Android ID etc.

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Hello, My App is published in Play store. By the way, ads not working in Other Mobiles. Still only works in My Mobile. I freshly downloaded from Play store. But Ads Not working.

@JEWEL Can you solve this issue.

I bought Facebook extension from you. So you are the responsible for internal Issues. Ads Not working in others’ Mobile. Several times I try to contact you, but you ignored my Request. What should I do Now. Give me Valid solution or try to find out the issue.

@JEWEL is scammer I purchased extension from him but he take Money then didn’t give me Facebook bidding extension don’t purchase any extension from him

Where are you from?

Kodular Staff,
Please Have a Look into this. @JEWEL selling extension but not giving support even his Extension not working. @Peter If there any solution please tell.

You can add mediation for bidding.
Facebook shifted to bidding!

What do you exactly mean by ‘internal isssues’? Is it something related to the extension?

Did you tried the ‘Ad Failed to Load’ block to figure out the problem yet?

Before you seek for help, you’re requested to help the community first, by posting relevant blocks, your research results… etc.

If, at any point of time, @JEWEL found to be guilty, community would take necessary action against him.

But, before that, I request you to elaborate the topic with relevant evidences, publicly.

You could have heard that Kodular officially discouraged it’s users from using extensions made by @Deep_Host for the same problem. He never offered after sell support to his customers. @JEWEL would not be an exception, if found doing the same!

He is from Srilanka, if I’m not wrong. Does country matters?